I found a lost pet - what should I do?

If you find a lost pet - if the animal has a collar check for tags that might have identification and owner contact information. Rabies tags can be traced throught the veterinarian's office that gave the vaccine. You might try taking the animal on a walk around the neighborhood to see if the owner is out looking for their pet. You can take the animal to a veterinarian or an animal shelter and have it scanned for a microchip. Contact the animal shelters (Columbus Animal Shelter - 812.376.2505 and County Animal Shelter - 812.372.1935) and provide a description of the pet and see if someone has reported it missing. If no ID exists, you are unable to locate the owner and you live within the Columbus city limits - contact the Columbus Animal Shelter (812.376.2505). You can either bring the animal in, or we can come and pick up the animal. If you live outside the city limits, contact County Animal Control (812.372.1935).

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