Ninth Street Park Neighborhood Celebration

The City of Columbus, Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center and community members invite residents of the Ninth Street Park area to a picnic and neighborhood town-hall meeting beginning at noon Saturday, June 29.

A picnic lunch will be served at the park beginning at noon. This picnic is being co-sponsored by the City of Columbus and the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center. Food will be served until 2:00 p.m. 

At 2:00 p.m., Mayor Kristen Brown will convene a neighborhood town-hall meeting at the park to discuss progress on public safety and park improvements and listen to residents’ concerns. In addition to Mayor Brown, Lt. Matt Myers of the Columbus Police Department, Bartholomew County Zoning Enforcement Officer Bill Klakamp and Carl Malysz, Director of Community Development, will be on hand to field questions and chat with residents.

Following the picnic and the town-hall meeting, neighborhood resident Chris Rutan and others will conduct privately sponsored neighborhood activities and events to raise charitable contributions for the benefit of Rachel Lapidus.

Contact the Department of Community Development at 376-2520 or Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center at 379-1630 for more information.

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