Street Sweeping Schedule

Columbus, Indiana



Posted: 10/18/2016


Please contact the Department of Public Works @ 376-2508 for questions on the leaf sweeping schedule.

Sweeping will be postponed a day for each day of inclement weather.


October 27th - November 10th
(no posting of these streets)


Tipton Lakes       
Oak Brook

Two Mile House Rd/Carlos Folgers

Terrace Lake

Suburban Acres
Wood Lake

Pinehill Estates
Persimmon/Yokewood Ct

Allendale Heights
Woodland Farms

Terrace Woods/Fox Ridge
Countrywood  Farms
Shadow Creek Cross Creek
Brookfield Place/Deer Creek



The following City Streets on a specific date will be posted "NO PARKING" for street sweeping.

Vehicles must be removed on the date of sweeping or vehicle will be towed.

Please contact the Columbus Police Department @ 376-2600 for towing information.

Sweeping will be postponed a day for each day of inclement weather.


Monday, November  14                             

25th Street to US 31 - Washington St to Central Ave


Tuesday, November 15                             

Lawton Avenue - Newsom to Deadend
Jackson Street - 11th to 15th
12th Street - Jackson to Washington
14th Street - Lawton to Washington
15th Street - Jackson to Washington
16th Street - Lawton to Washington
17th St I Lagoons - Lawton to Washington


Wednesday, November 16                          

4th Street - Franklin to California
5th Street - Franklin to California
6th Street - Franklin to Cottage
7th Street - Franklin to Hawcreek
8th Street - Washington to Hawcreek Blvd.


The following City Streets on a specific date will be posted "NO PARKING" for street sweeping.


Thursday, November 17

9th Street  - Washington to Reed                                        
10th Street - Washington to Central                                    
11th Street - Washington to Central                                      
12th Street - Washington to Central                                     


Friday, November 18

13th Street - Lafayette to Central

14t h Street - Lafayette to Central

15th Street - Washington to Michigan

16th Street - Washington to Orinoco


Monday, November 21

17th Street - Washington to Central

18thStreet - Chestnut to Central

19th Street - Washington to Central

20th Street - Washington to Central


Tuesday, November 22

21st Street - Home to Central

22nd Street - Washington to Central

23rd  Street - Washington to Centra l

24th Street - Washington to Central


Wednesday, November 23                         

Franklin - 7th - 25th St.
Lafayette - 3rd - 25th St.
Pearl - 3rd - 6th St.


Monday, November 28                             

Pearl - 7th - 17th & 22nd - 25th St.

Sycamore - 3rd - 19th St. & 22nd - 25th St.


Tuesday, November 29                             

Chestnut 3rd - 25th St.                      
California 3rd - 25th St.


Wednesday,  November  30                      

Union - 6th - 25th St.

Home Ave. - 16th - 25th St.
Wilson 6th - 10th St.
Grand 10th - 16th St.
Short Wilson 9th - 10th St.


Thursday, December 1                               

Reed - 7th - 10th St.
Ruddick - 11th - 12th St. & 14th - 16th St.
Warner - 7th - 10th St.

Michigan - 10th - 16th St.


The following City Streets on a specific date will be posted "NO PARKING" for street sweeping.


Friday, December 2                                        

Newton 16th - 24th
Gilmore 16th - 25th
Maple 6th - 10th, 16th - 25th
Hutchins 6th - 10th, 12th - 16th


Monday, December 5                               

Orinoco 16th - 17th St.
Elm 17th - 25th St.
Cherry 19th - 25th St.


Tuesday, December 6                                

Cottage 6th - 25th St.                         
Central Place 8th - 10th St.


Wednesday, December 7                                                                 

10th to 25th St. - Central to Hawcreek Blvd


Thursday, December 8                              

10th to 25th St. - Hawcreek Blvd to National Rd


Friday, December 9                                   

Gladstone to Marr Rd, State St to McKinley Avenue
Morningside Addition
Wehmeier Addition


Monday, December 12                                

Gladstone to Central Avenue - State St to 10th Street


Tuesday, December 13                                                                

South of State Street/Stadler Dr to Cherry Street




Washington  Place                                    Riverside N/S                                   Flatrock Pk & Flatrock Pk N Chapel Bluff         Park Forest N/S                                        Sims Homestead

Woodfield Place                                       Riverview Acres                               Peppertree

Deerfield                                                   Parkside                                            Breakaway Trails


The Woods                                               Broadmoor/Heath  Field                    Northbrook I Bridge Point

Cedar Ridge                                            Doctors Park/Sims                           West Everroad Rost Add I Forest Park                                                          Mead Village                                            East Everroad


Carriage Estates                                     Hillcrest/Skyview                              Rockyford  Crossing

Crump Estates                                        Windsor Place                                  Arrowwood I Sycamore Bend

Sherwood Place                                      Greenbriar Add                                 Indian Hills


Greenview (Duffer area)                         Presidential Pk North                       McCulloughs  Run High Vista     Prairie Streams                                                  Hartford Place

Eastridge Manor                                      Presidential Pk/Poplar Woods          Eastgate


Flintwood                                                  Heather Heights                                Ravenswood I Circle Terrace

Foxpointe                                                  Sandy Hook

Fairlawn                                                    Hiker Trace


Tutor Addition                                           Cornbrook

Princeton Park                                          Carter Crossoing


25th St - Washington to Talley                Central - 2nd to National                  State St - Central to top of hill National Rd - Washington to SON                                 Bike Paths/Ind Parks S Marr Rd  Ind Parks South & West

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