Advance Columbus

Over the past year, Mayor Kristen Brown has developed the community-wide strategic plan, “Advance Columbus,” with a steering committee comprised of broad community representation, as well as, the leadership of many primary public and private organizations dedicated to serving the community.

The plan sets a long-term, shared vision for the community “to be the very best community of its size in the country.” It also outlines our community’s values, shared priorities and shared goals. 

This plan is a live document that will serve as a starting point for broad-based community dialogues, quantifiable measures of success and public-private collaborations. The goal is to develop a shared vision, shared priorities, shared goals and shared solutions that offer a clear roadmap of our community’s future.

More than an initiative of the mayor or of city government, the community owns this plan and the agenda and will adapt and evolve it to ensure it continuously represents a partnership with the people for the people. We are one city with many great public and private organizations serving the community. We need one plan to most effectively marshal our limited resources for the greatest impact. 

This plan provides the enormous promise of solving our most serious challenges and capitalizing on our most promising opportunities.

View Advance Columbus, the community-wide strategic plan (PDF)

Using the community-wide strategic plan as a foundation, the City of Columbus has developed its first strategic plan to provide tangible objectives for this year, outlining measures of success and critical milestone to ensure progress toward the City's goals. This plan becomes the starting point for setting measurable and definitive objectives for next year and for 2015.

The plan is a living, ever-evolving document serving as the basis for broad-based community dialogues.  Those dialogues will guide the plan’s evolution and ensure that it continually represents a partnership with the people of Columbus for the people of Columbus.

View Advance, the City of Columbus strategic plan (PDF)

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