Fire Department Pension Board

Name Term Expires Appt by:
Mike Compton* 4 yr 12/31/2019 Ex Officio 
Doug Hollenbeck 2 yr 02/10/2016 Elected
Yancey Murphy 4 yr 02/10/2016 Elected
Leroy Armstrong 4 yr 02/10/2015 Elected
Bryan Bailey 4 yr 02/10/2017 Elected
Jeff Otte 4 yr 02/10/2018 Elected

* Denotes Chairperson

Meets as needed

City Council Liaison:  Tim Shuffett

Fire Department Pension Board
The Fire Department Pension Board shall manage, use and disburse funds for the purpose and in the manner prescribed by Indiana Code, 36-8-7-1 et seq., as to the 1937 fund, and Indiana Code, 36-8-8-1 et seq., as to the 1977 fund.  The Pension Board is involved in the application process for new firefighters.  They hold interviews, help with agility testing and are involved in the final hiring decisions when an opening occurs.

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