Police Department Pension Board

Name Term Expires Appt by:
Mayor Jim Lienhoop 4 yr 12/31/2019 Ex Officio
Chief Jon Rhode 4 yr 12/31/2019 Ex Officio
Luann Welmer, Clerk-Treasurer 4 yr 12/31/2019 Ex Officio
Greg Ross 3 yr 02/01/2019 Elected
Kelly Holley 3 yr 02/01/2018 Elected
Alan Trisler * 3 yr 02/01/2017 Elected
Open 3 yr 08/31/2016 Elected
Oakel Hardy 3 yr 02/01/2019 Elected
Jennifer VanVactor 3 yr 02/01/2017 Elected

* Denotes Chairperson of Board

Meets as needed

City Council Liaison: Dascal Bunch

Police Department Pension Board
The Police Pension Board of Trustees perform certain duties prescribed by Indiana Code, 36-8-6 (1925 Fund) and Indiana Code, 36-8-8 (1977 Fund), concerning the statutory pensions of city police.  The Board meets as needed to approve new police applicants into the fund or review claims for disability.  Some Board members are current or retired officers elected to three year terms.

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