Substantial Amendment #3, Reallocation of CDBG Funds for PY2014

City of Columbus

Substantial Amendment #3


2014 Action Plan


Submitted to the

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

On or before January 5, 2016



Prepared for the

City of Columbus Department of Community Development


Administrative Resources association


Reallocation of CDBG Funds for PY2014

In October 2015, the City of Columbus in meetings with the Mayors Advisory Council on Safe, Affordable, and Available Housing, the Columbus Township Trustee and the Director of Love Chapel this coalition expressed a need for assistance in the rehabilitation of a building that will transform the structure into Brighter Days Housing, a homeless shelter for Single/Female/Male and Families with Children. The building is currently owned by the Columbus Township Trustee. The trustee is collaborating with Love Chapel who will provide managerial oversight of the completed shelter facility. The building is located at 421 S. Mapleton, Columbus, Indiana which is within Census Tract 108, Block Group 4, in the East Columbus target area in the City of Columbus 2014-2018 Consolidated Plan. The city is reallocating approximately $42,654.00 of the $145,254.00 from 03L Public Facilities and Improvements: Sidewalks (570.201 (c)) to 03 Public Facilities and Improvements: General (570.201).  These funds will assist with infrastructure needs for the Brighter Days Housing shelter. The infrastructure needs may include water/sewer improvements, flood/drainage improvements and the addition new of sidewalks.


In addition, the community facilities and infrastructure goal – sidewalk, streets, and ramp improvements project will expand its scope. The scope currently includes the replacement of sidewalks and ramping and is being amended to include the construction of new sidewalks where none currently exist, water/sewer improvements and flood/drainage improvements where the project activities will meet a National Objective of the Community Development Block Grant Program.  The construction activities will either meet the national objective of benefit to low and moderate income – housing, benefit to low and moderate income limited clientele, or benefit to low and moderate income area wide benefit within the City of Columbus, Indiana.


Listed as a priority need in the Consolidated Plan, Public Facilities/Infrastructure in the Lincoln Central Neighborhood and East Columbus was a high level priority need. The additional scope of work to include construction of new sidewalks and include subsurface utilities i.e., water/sewer improvements and flood/drainage improvements will assist the city in the availability/accessibility of a suitable living environment.



Following is the proposed budget reallocation:

Amended Community Development Block Grant

Activity and Budget Table





Technical Administration and Planning Including Housing needs Assessment





Public Facilities

Sidewalk Improvements/Access. Ramps Including Labor Standards and Environmental Assessment



Recreational Equipment and Installation



Subsurface Infrastructure in support of Homeless Shelter/Sidewalks





Public Services

Columbus Homelessness Outreach Project





Housing Improvements

Owner Occupied Rehabilitation



Acquisition-Retention of Affordable Housing: Southern Indiana Housing and Community Development Corporation














Reallocated Funding PY2013

Funding de-obligated from PY2013, unknown at time of completion of PY2014 Action Plan


Reallocated Funding PY2013

Funding from Demolition Project/Activity and Owner Occupied Rehab


PY2014 Allocation



Total Funds





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