Rocky Ford Road Improvement Project

Rocky Ford Road Improvement Project
Location: Taylor Road to Talley Road
Rocky Ford Road is a major east-west thoroughfare across the northern section of the city.  It is classified as a suburban collector street.  The City has improved two other sections of Rocky Ford from Central Avenue to Taylor Road.  The design of this section was recently revised from a four lane section to one lane in each direction, a two-way left turn lane, and bicycle lanes.  Sidewalks will be constructed along both sides of the street.  A storm sewer system is also included.  Pedestrian crossings will be constructed at key locations.  As part of the project, the county will also be replacing the bridge over Sloan Branch.  The City of Columbus is currently acquiring right-of-way for the improvement of this section of street.  The funding source for the project is 80% federal funds and 20% local (thoroughfare fund).  Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2015.  Construction is expected to last one or two construction seasons.
Project Data
Traffic Volume:
2,829 vehicles per day 2011
Future Traffic Volume:
3,810 vehicles per day 2031
Project Length: 0.909 miles
Right-of-Way: 35 parcels
Designer: Strand Associates
Estimated Construction Cost: $5,300,000

Updated March 3, 2014


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