Fire FAQ

Will The Fire Department Be Hiring in 2017?                                                                           The Columbus Fire Department does not have a hiring process planned for 2017.

Will You Fill Our Swimming Pool?
The Columbus Fire Department does not fill residential pools.  Please call City Utilities for assistance in filling pools.

Why Does A Fire Truck Arrive At The Scene When We Called For An Ambulance?
Many times a fire truck may be closer to the scene and the attention to the sick and injured may be started quicker. Also, our fire trucks have EMT's and Paramedics aboard and they are very capable of beginning health care. The engines also carry defibrillators in case of a heart attack; this alone could save a patient's life. The engine crews also may be used to drive the ambulance to the hospital if the patient needs more than one care giver, they also may assist in lifting and moving patients.

Where Can I Take Cheer Fund Donations?                                                                   Cheer Fund donations may be dropped off at any City of Columbus Fire Station.

Can I Have A Campfire On My Property?                                                                       There are regulations for open burning inside Columbus City limits. Please see this information in the Genreal Safety Information section. 



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