What services does the Commission provide to local employers, landlords and schools?

The Human Rights Commission provides general technical assistance to area businesses and schools that are trying to comply with the Human Rights Ordinance. The staff makes every effort to answer your questions with regard to compliance, and we have a wealth of resources at the Commission office that are available to you at no charge. Simply call the Commission office or stop by to set up an appointment to speak to a staff person, or use our resources. The Commission also has resources and training materials specifically for schoolchildren, which can be checked out of the office at no charge. Commissioners and staff also can speak or provide training on site in Columbus. Some past trainings provided to area businesses and schools include: Anti-Harassment Training for the Workplace; Anti-Harassment Training for the Classroom; Anti-Harassment Training for Landlords and Land Management Companies; Discrimination Issues and Challenges for Employers; How to Hire, Promote and Fire Without Getting the Employment Discrimination Blues; and Documenting Discipline. The Commission is able to provide technical assistance only, and the trainings and information provided should not be considered legal advice.

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