January 2011


January 26, 2011, 4:30p.m.

Council Chambers



           PRESENT                                                       ABSENT                                 

Trena Carter                                                      Rhea Baker-Ipek       

Ian Kohen                                                           Tony McClendon

Greg Lewis                                                         Rosalind Pegram       

Gil Palmer                                                          Shiva Rallapalli

John Roberts                                                     John Stroh






City Council Liaison, Priscilla Scalf;  Staff members:  Director Arlette Cooper Tinsley, Deputy Director Lorraine Smith and Secretary Lula Young.


Commissioner Carter reported no financial transactions since November  2010, the account balance remains at  $6,287.06.


Chairperson Palmer reported that I.U.P.U.C. Diversity Council marked its first year in providing programming support and financial sponsorship of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 2011 holiday activities. The Chairperson thanked staff and commissioners for their efforts supporting the day’s activities.  He continued by announcing that in addition to witnessing one of the largest student turn-outs for the Unity Breakfast, the afternoon programs marked high attendance as well by students in grades K-8. 

Discussion around student engagement with the discussion panel and increasing the participation and attendance of students in high school and college ensued.


Director Tinsley reported a large workload for staff created by major increases in intakes and requests for technical assistance involving housing and disability issues.  She noted the increased level of difficulty with disability issues due to expanded legislation. 

The Director announced that through a joint venture sponsored by the Inclusive Community Coalition, Pride Alliance Columbus and the Columbus Peace Fellowship, she would be facilitating a discussion about bullying after the movie, “Bullied”, shown as part of the Out Side Film Festival scheduled for Saturday, February 5th at Yes Cinema. 

Commissioners were informed that Deputy Director Smith was asked to serve on the executive search committee for Heritage Fund CEO position.  Discussion ensued. 

Deputy Director Smith reported that she had met with C.A.M.E.O.  leadership and provided an update on C.A.M.E.O. events.  She invited all to attend the FEAST-ival, a joint venture of CAMEO and CRH’s Healthy Communities that will be held beginning Monday, February 14th at Yes Cinema. 

Director Tinsley reported that the Welcoming Community Committee had created a Phase II survey and asked Commissioners share the survey to help increase the number of surveys completed.


Chairperson Palmer announced that Commissioner Tony McClendon had been appointed as the new Director of Multicultural Diversity for BCSC.  Discussion ensued.

Director Tinsley announced the appointment of Rashaad Trapp to the Police Audit and Review Committee and that Commissioners would be informed of the date Rashaad would be sworn in by the mayor.

ACTION ITEM – Nominating Committee Selection:

Commissioner Lewis selected Commissioners Kohen and McClendon to serve with him on the 2011 nominating committee.

OTHER BUSINESS – Annual Dinner:

Director Tinsley asked Commissioners for their input regarding additional venues for the Commission’s annual dinner in response to Commissioners desire to provide a no-dinner ticket option to community members.  Commissioner Palmer recommended that the 2011 dinner continue as in the past and continue the research for possible alternatives for 2012.  The director advised she would come back to Commissioners in June with additional information.

Commissioners were informed that no responses had been received from the initial speaker invitations and discussion continued surrounding the need to shorten the length of the dinner.  Discussion ensued with suggestions of videotaping the dinner, arranging e-communications for requests for complimentary tickets, etc.

OTHER BUSINESS – Essay/Art Contest:

Director Tinsley informed Commissioners that based on information received from participating teachers, the topic for the essay contest would again be ‘Listen to a Life’ and the art contest would follow the Disability Awareness month topic of ‘Cultivating Inclusion’.


Commissioner Lewis advised that at the January meeting, IFC determined they would continue to meet in City Hall.  He advised the January retreat did not generate sufficient interest and was cancelled and members are working to re-vision their group. 


Meeting adjourned.


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