March 2011


March 30, 2011, 4:30p.m.

Council Chambers


           PRESENT                                                       ABSENT                                 

Rhea Baker-Ipek

Trena Carter                                                        

Ian Kohen                                                          

Greg Lewis

Tony McClendon                                                 

Gil Palmer

Rosalind Pegram                                              

Shiva Rallapalli

John Roberts                                                    

John Stroh


Meeting Called to Order



Director Arlette Cooper Tinsley, Deputy Director Lorraine Smith and Secretary Lula Young.


Commissioner Roberts called roll and requested any corrections or amendments to the February 2011 minutes.

Commissioner Carter moved to accept the February minutes as submitted.  Commissioner Stroh seconded.  Motion carried.                    


Commissioner Carter reported the Donations Account balance at $6,187.06.


No report.


Director Tinsley announced that after much consideration and discussion with the chairperson, she would be resigning her position as director effective May 26, 2011.  Commissioners were directed to the written notification she had provided.  Discussion ensued.

Director Tinsley advised Commissioners that preparations for the annual dinner scheduled for April 28th at Factory 12 Event Loft, were in full progress and that she was scheduled to do a radio interview announcing Pamela Carter as the keynote speaker and to promote the dinner.  She informed Commissioners that Mrs. Carter was the first African-American and first female attorney general for the State of Indiana.  She then invited the Deputy Director to share her insight from a recent meeting with Mrs. Carter.  Deputy Director Smith informed Commissioners that Mrs. Carter had marched with Dr. King and some of Mrs. Carter’s experiences included being a community organizer, and that she achieved success from a grassroots level to the corporate world. Discussion ensued.

ACTION ITEM – Laws Award Recipient Selection:

As the chairperson for the Laws Award nominating committee, Commissioner Lewis advised that with committee members, Commissioners Kohen and Roberts, a unanimous decision was reached to submit Tracy Souza as the candidate to receive the 2011 William R. Laws Award. 

Discussion ensued.

Commissioner Roberts moved to award Tracy Souza the 2011 Laws Award.  Commissioner Lewis seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

OTHER BUSINESS – Annual Dinner Update:

Director Tinsley asked for Commissioner volunteers to host the winners of the 2011 J. Irwin Miller Art and Benjamin “Mickey” King Essay contests and their guests.  Commissioners Stroh, Kohen, Pegram and Lewis volunteered.

Commissioners were advised that requests for other tasks would be provided after staff completed an on-site visit to The Loft.  Discussion ensued.


Commissioner Rallapalli provided feedback on his presentation about Hate Incidents, presented at First Presbyterian Church as part of their Lenten series educational program.  He advised there were approximately twenty people in attendance who were very interactive with many questions. He stated several attendees signed the Compassion Pledge.   Discussion ensued.


Director Tinsley advised that in support of the ‘The Threads Project’ a joint project of the ICC and Columbus Peace Fellowship (CPF), Commissioners Pegram and Roberts would be reading a proclamation from Mayor Armstrong, in English and Spanish at the community launch to be held on March 28th.  Director Tinsley discussed the efforts that were taken by staff to assist ICC and CPF in obtaining the proclamation and Human Rights resolution.  Discussion ensued.


Commissioner Carter moved to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Roberts seconded.  Meeting adjourned

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