City Begins Extensive Street Resurfacing Project

The City of Columbus has begun an extensive street resurfacing project to repair and improve city streets as part of a comprehensive effort of Mayor Kristen Brown’s administration to improve the City’s critical infrastructure. This is a very large project due to the significant needs of streets throughout Columbus.

The City is investing more than $5 million this year into rebuilding and repaving streets in most urgent need of repair. This project consists mainly of patching, milling, and surfacing city streets and follows the completion of fully restoring the roads at the Woodside Industrial Park for a total of 25 miles of streets to be restored this year. Other elements to the work include improving street drainage through underdrain installation, curb repair, ramp installation, manhole and water valve adjustment, and pavement striping.

“Our streets are the backbone of our community’s economic development and public safety,” Mayor Kristen Brown said. “We are making significant investments in the upkeep of our streets to ensure their safety and good appearance. We appreciate residents’ patience as we make these vital improvements.”

Milestone Contractors L.P., the contractor awarded the project, will have crews working throughout the city for the next 90 days with a completion date of October 31. The contractor will begin by working on underdrains in the Tipton Lakes area, asphalt patching in East Columbus and curb repairs on Waycross Drive. Subdivisions affected in the Tipton Lakes area are Blackhawk, Northlake Woods, and Eastlake Woods.

Some asphalt streets require the foundation of the road to be rebuilt. In these cases, the streets will have the full depth of the asphalt patched and then the street will be milled. This work often appears as if the street is crudely finished, but a separate crew will return to repave the street once the foundation is complete. There could be a delay between rebuilding the foundation and finishing the street because different crews perform the work.

The public is asked to pay attention to all signs, barrels, flagmen, and any other traffic maintenance items as well as all parking restrictions during this project. Streets will be posted 24 hours ahead of any work, as well as door hangers put on all residents door. Resident need to have their vehicles moved by 7:00 a.m. if they park overnight in posted areas.

A complete list of streets that will be resurfaced as part of this project is available here. 

Annual street resurfacing received a major boost last year when Mayor Brown began addressing the substantial deferred maintenance of city streets. Last year, the City invested $4 million to restore more than 24 miles of crumbling streets, which represented more than the previous nine years combined of expenditures on City streets.



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