Mayor Appoints 2 to Common Construction Wage Committee

Mayor Kristen Brown has appointed two members to the Common Construction Wage Committee that determines the common wage scale for the city’s major public works and construction projects.

Loren Day, a foreman for Southern Roofing Inc. and operator of Speedy Clean Laundry Corp., was appointed as the City of Columbus industry representative on the committee. Robert Sullivan, an Instrumentation Technical Support Specialist in the Advanced Engineering Controls Group at the Cummins Technical Center, was appointed as a taxpayer representative on the committee.

“Loren and Bob are responsible, knowledgeable members of our community who will ensure the common wage set by the committee is fair both to the workers and the taxpayers,” Mayor Kristen Brown said.

The Common Construction Wage Committee is a five-member committee that determines the common wages paid to construction workers in the county that is used when the City of Columbus awards contracts for the construction of public works projects of $350,000 or more. The City’s Common Construction Wage Committee includes members representing labor, industry, the Associated Builders and Contractors, and two taxpayers. The City is responsible for appointing the industry representative and one of the taxpayer representatives.

To determine the common wage, committee members consider and vote on wage scales presented by both the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of labor unions in the United States. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. is a national trade association representing the merit shop construction industry.

The wage scale approved by the Common Construction Wage Committee is used to set the minimum wages for each classification of labor set by state law.

The committee meets at least every 90 days, but can meet more often to set the common wage scale. The set wages are good for up to 90 days and can be revisited at any time during the 90-day period.

The two most recent public works projects that the common wage scale was applied to are the replacement of the Hamilton Center roof and the demolition of the City’s former wastewater treatment plant, both of which are roughly $1 million projects. The Common Construction Wage Committee set wages at a scale suggested by the Associated Builders and Contractors.

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