Mayor Brown Appoints Two New Board of Public Works and Safety Members

Mayor Kristen Brown has appointed Bob Crider and Bob Sullivan to the City of Columbus Board of Public Works and Safety to fill two recently created positions on the board. The new members will increase the size of the board to five members and provide addition perspective to the operations of the City and the Board of Work’s decisions.

The Board of Public Works and Safety has oversight and control over public safety, streets, sanitation, transportation, and storm sewers.  The Board of Works is the contracting agency for the City of Columbus, and it approves all financial disbursements by the City Clerk Treasurer’s office.  The Board of Works also serves as the Safety Board for the Police and Fire Departments on matters of hiring, disciplinary matters and termination of public safety personnel.

The Board of Works was recently expanded by an ordinance amendment that enables the Mayor to appoint four voters of the city to the board. State law gives authority to the Mayor to determine if the Board of Public Works and Safety is comprised of 3 or 5 members.

Mayor Brown chose to expand the size of the board to improve local government by having more members to review the City’s operations, contracts and claims. The additional members also increases the number needed for a quorum from two members to three.

Bob Crider and Bob Sullivan will join current Board Members Jayne Farber, Susan Fye, and Mayor Brown.

“Bob Crider and Bob Sullivan are very thoughtful and professional and will offer valuable perspective and insight,” Mayor Brown said. “They share our values of transparency and fiscal responsibility, and as members of the Board of Works I am confident they will act with integrity and in the best interest of our constituents.”

Bob Crider, age 60, has worked for Reams Asset Management Company in Columbus since 1981. Reams is an investment management company specializing in institutional fixed income portfolios, and has about $13 billion under management. Crider has been involved in building the company since its inception in 1981 and has served at all levels of the firm, as Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Managing Director and Owner.  The firm was sold to Scout Funds in 2011. Crider currently serves as a Managing Director of the Reams subsidiary. His area of personal expertise is in managing investment portfolios, and he has extensive experience with financial statements and economic analysis.

Crider also currently serves on the boards of Developmental Services, Inc. and Friends of Hidalgo, a 501c3 corporation based in Columbus that is involved in philanthropic activities the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.  He is a member of the Mayor’s Crump Feasibility Team.

Bob Sullivan, age 32, works at Cummins Technical Center as an Instrumentation Technical Support Specialist in the Advanced Engineering Controls Group.  He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. A graduate of Jennings County High School, Sullivan joined the United States Air Force shortly after his high school graduation and served six years as a Ground Radio Technician. He was stationed on Lackland AFB in Texas, Kessler AFB in Mississippi, Kadena AB in Okinawa Japan, and Pope AFB in North Carolina.  He had three combat deployments in support of an Air Force Special Tactics Squadron.  Two of his deployments were to Kandahar and Bagram Air Bases in Afghanistan.  The other deployment was during the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Jordan and Iraq.

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