Second Street Bridge Shines Brightly Once Again

The Second Street Bridge once again serves as a brightly shining gateway into downtown Columbus after it was officially lighted Tuesday, January 29, at a ceremony at the bridge.

Twelve bright white LED lights return the bridge to its former nighttime glory by illuminating it and welcoming nighttime motorists across the East Fork White River into downtown Columbus. The Second Street Bridge had sat dark at night for years due to repeated vandalism of the old lighting system until Mayor Brown pursued the idea of having a new lighting system illuminate the bridge.

City Engineer Dave Hayward was instrumental in the design and implementation of the new, energy-efficient lighting system, which is capable of displaying a rainbow of colors. The lights can be changed to various colors to celebrate festivals, holidays, the success of local high school sports teams or other events. 

The new lighting system is estimated to only cost around $200 per year in electricity to operate and will also provide a significant reduction in maintenance costs. The old metal halide lights had a bulb life of about 16,000 hours, or about four years. The new LED lights should last for 50,000 hours, or about 12½ years.

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