Street Conditions and Weather-Related Services

City street conditions have improved significantly, but motorists are advised to travel with caution and drive slowly if they must go out. The Columbus Snow Force worked from 6:00 p.m. Sunday through 3:00 p.m. Monday and a full day today to treat and clear the streets as best as possible. However, some slick spots still remain and some streets likely will freeze over again tonight.

The Columbus Police Department has responded to some vehicle slideoffs, but no major accidents have been reported within the city largely due to lighter than usual traffic because of school and business closings.

“We greatly appreciate the public heeding the winter storm warning and travel watch during these extreme and dangerous conditions,” Mayor Kristen Brown said. “As temperatures begin to slowly warm up, we encourage everyone to continue to stay extra cautious and alert to ensure they safely arrive at their destinations.”

Mayor Brown also commended the efforts of the City’s snow plow operators.  “The Snow Force made outstanding progress given the conditions. The extreme cold made it very challenging to cut the ice but the operators have done a great job plowing and treating all of the City’s streets,” she said.

The Columbus Fire Department assisted in cleaning a fuel spill from a traffic accident Monday night on Interstate 65 just north of Columbus. Firefighters also quickly put out a fire Monday night in the basement of a home in the 1900 block of Home Avenue.

Police have routinely checked areas in the city for people in need of shelter but have not found anyone requesting assistance. The Commons has served as a warming center Monday and today, and twoother warming centers were open on Monday. However, they have seen no activity during their operations.  Mayor Brown said, “We erred on the side of caution.  There was a likelihood of major power outages on Monday and we were also concerned about residents losing their heat.  The warming centers also acted as a place for us to transport stranded motorists and as a clearing house for those in need of overnight shelter if we had people in need.”  

City Utilities has received more than 50 calls regarding frozen pipes in residential homes. Nearly all issues affected plumbing inside the home, with the exception of five frozen outside meters that needed thawed. Residents and businesses are encouraged to check unoccupied buildings, such as warehouses, for burst pipes due to freezing.

City trash collection is running about a half day behind due to weather-related mechanical issues with equipment. Tuesday’s route will be finished Wednesday, and all routes should be completed by Friday.

The ColumBUS Transit fixed routes and Call-a-Bus service will resume their normal routes and hours on Wednesday. The Transit office was open Monday and today for emergency medical runs and to serve regular dialysis patients. On Monday, Call-a-Bus made four additional medical runs. Today it served 12 riders with medical needs, including two riders who needed transportation to their medical appointments.

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