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We are proud to announce that on October 19, 2015, the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department regained management of both Greenbelt and Rocky Ford Par 3 Golf Courses! We are very eager to begin programming and to implement some new ideas, but more than anything we hope that as we make this transition, that it feels smooth and non-disruptive to our current and future members! To that end, we are sure that there will be questions and welcome the communication about them! Please feel free to direct questions to our Sports Manager, (812) 376-2695.

Greenbelt golf course, previously Columbus Golf Club was established in the 1930's. Par 3 golf course was built in 1963 by Columbus Parks and Recreation Department in response to an identified and expressed need in the community for a beginner and family friendly course. In 1974, Columbus Golf Club was turned over to the Parks Department through the encouragement of the City Golf Club Board and the golf community. In 1976, the course was renovated and redesigned by architect Pete Dye, ASGCA, and was renamed Greenbelt.

Golf courses have had, and continue to have a long-standing impression of benefiting both people and the environment. It made good logical sense for the Parks Department, with our mission, to support this program back in 1974 and we believe strongly that statement still holds true! To this day, communities across the world continue to benefit from managed golf courses; possibly even more so with our focus on preservation and healthy communities. According to a study by over 60 universities and published by the USGA, golf courses provide the following benefits to both people and the environment:

  • Provides wildlife habitat
  • Protects topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • Improves community aesthetics
  • Absorbs and filters rain
  • Improves health and reduces stress for more than 24.5 million golfers
  • Improves air quality
  • Captures and cleanses runoff in urban areas
  • Discourages pests (e.g. ticks and mosquitoes)
  • Restores damaged land areas (e.g. former landfill or mining sites)

Makes substantial contributions to the community's economy

The Parks Department is very fortunate to have the ability to maintain two golf courses in this great community, and look forward to the opportunities that it will present to the community!

Hours of Operation
Greenbelt - Weather permitting, Greenbelt will open Monday - Friday at 8am and Saturday - Sunday at 7:30am. 

Rocky Ford Par 3 - Weather permitting, Par 3 will open Monday - Thursday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Friday 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., and Saturday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m..   
Tee Times
For tee times please call the Greenbelt Golf Course at (812) 376-2684 or Par 3 Golf Course at (812) 799-1437.

Greenbelt - Prices for 9 and 18 holes of golf range from $11.00 - $17.00 (cart not included); Junior and Senior rates apply during specific times and days. Electric and pull carts are available for rent. Check the Greenbelt webpage for additional information.

Rocky Ford Par 3 - Prices for 9 and 18 holes of golf range from $7.50 - $10.00 (cart not included); Junior and Senior rates apply 7 days a week at any time. Pull carts are available for rent. Check the Rocky Ford Par 3 webpage for additional information.

A variety of membership options are available; details can be found on the Greenbelt and Par 3 webpages. Don't forget to pick up your cart pass and/or driving range pass (Greenbelt only) when you purchase a membership!


  • Driving Range - Available at the Greenbelt Golf Course.
  • Concessions - A snack bar is available at both Greenbelt and Rocky Ford Par 3.
  • Pro Shop - Clothing items, hats, gloves, balls, tees, clubs, and bags are available for purchase in Greenbelt. A limited Pro Shop selection of items will also be made available at Par 3.
  • Entertainment - TV's and free public WiFi will be available in both locations.


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