2014 Summer Camps

                                        2014 SUMMER CAMPS


Participants will learn new skills, jumps, chants & motions & work on basic tumbling.  A snack will be served each day.

*Ages 9-12:  Mon-Th, June 23-26  2:00-3:30pm   $35 per child (code 833200-2A)

*Ages 6-8:    Mon-Th, July 14-17   2:00-3:00pm   $24 per child (code 833200-2C)


Beginning-advanced skills on bars, beam, floor, vault & trampoline will be covered.  A snack will be served each day.

*Ages 5-7:   Mon-Th, July 21-24,   2:00-3:00pm   $30 per child (code 833000-2A)


Beginning-advanced skills will be covered on floor & trampoline.  A snack will be served each day.

*Ages 5-7:    Mon-Th, July 7-10,    2:00-3:00pm    $24 per child (code 833100-2A)

*Ages 8-15:  Mon-W, June 30-July 2  2:00-3:30pm  $30 per child (code 833100-2B)

Please call M-F from 9am-6pm & Sat from 9am-1pm at 812-376-2545 to register by phone with Visa or MasterCard.  Or in person at our facility at 405 Hope Ave. during desk hours.  Also register at Donner Center, M-F from 8am-5pm or by phone at 812-376-2680 with MasterCard or Visa.  Scholarships are available.  Call 812-376-2680 for additional information. 





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