Cultural Liaison Office

Cultural Liaison Contact

Lt. Matt Myers


The Columbus Police Department has a cultural liaison officer for various cultures representative of our community and civic organizations within and around the community of Columbus.  To serve as a catalyst to promote positive enduring relationships between the Columbus Police Department and the culturally diverse community it serves and protects.

The objectives of this office are to: develop & present training curriculums to law enforcement personnel, community members, and individuals of minority groups, i.e.:

  • Provide current and ongoing cultural awareness & diversity training.
  • Facilitate focus group discussions.
  • Have scheduled and informal follow up Outreach meetings with minority community representative members, i.e.: African-Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, India, Hispanic (Su Casa Columbus) and others requesting such interaction.
  • Assist with: new hire recruitment: Black Expo & universities.
  • Develop and maintain a civilian group of interpreter / translators to assist S.R.T.
  • Provide: interpreter / translator services (at need basis) for criminal investigations when requested by my department and outside law enforcement agencies.
  • Provide basic laws (do’s & don’t) information and education to Latino-Hispanic community.
  • Pass on investigative alerts & trends (Latino Gangs) from other law enforcement communities to CPD personnel.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on this office, please contact this office.

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