Call to Order
   1) Roll Call – Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, Jim Lienhoop, & Matt Souza, George Van Horn, Steve Champion, Ed Curtain
Action Items
   2) Introduction of Steve Champion as the new appointed school corporation position as a non voting member.
   3) Approve minutes
        a. 6-2-08 & 7-7-08 – minutes were seconded by Mr. Lienhoop and unanimously approved.
   4) Bond Projects – Would be going to City Counsel to request formal support in the street garage and the commons projects. Ed has been talking with a developer who is interested in building an apartment complex that would be in the range of 150-170 apartments. They have mentioned that they would need around 250 spaces for the tenants. With only 750 spaces available and Cummins taking 500 and the retail taking 200 that would only leave 50 public spaces. The request is to ask for an additional 1.3 million dollars to help fund an additional 160-170 parking spaces in the parking garage. The other option would be to borrow less money and build what is absolutely needed. The City Counsel will have to notify the public on the amount. We will start the bidding for the garage in September and award it in October or sooner.
      a. The recommendation that would be given to the City Counsel is to set the bond limit at 11.5 million dollars, 6 million for the Commons and 5.5 million for the construction of a second parking garage in the downtown.
The motion made by Mr. Souza. Seconded by Mr. Stenner and Mr. Lienhoop. Approved with a negatory on the motion by Mr. Van Horn. Motion was carried.
   5) Traffic Study – Ed and David met with Steve Rubbel and discussed the changes that needed to be made. Some have been tweaked.
        a. Change to the 4th St. between Jackson and Franklin to a two-way
        b. The 4th St. and Washington St. signal will need to be changed and updated for two-way traffic. The cost will be a little higher.
        c. Proposing the intersection of 4th St. and Jackson be a four-way stop
        d. Intersection at 3rd St. and Jackson signal will be modernized to handle two-way traffic on Jackson St. from the north. The cost has decreased.
        e. Would need to borrow some signal poles from 4th St. and Washington St. to modernize 7th St. and Washington St. intersection.
         f. Remove traffic signals and make it a four-way stop.
From here the city engineer will drive an ordinance that will go to city counsel. Some of the public parking spaces will eventually want to put a 3 hour time limit to keep people from parking all day. Currently they are on a open public basis.
   6) Approval Claims – There are four dockets of claims. There are two different appraisals. One was for the parking garage site and the other for the indoor sports complex. The motion to approve was seconded by Mr. Van Horn and approved. Mr. Souse was not in the room for the vote.
Discussion Items
   7) Budget – Have been asked to reduce the general fund budget by 10%. Most of the cut was in the services and charges with the misc. professional services taking the biggest hit. This is where the consultants are paid from. The general fund is from the property taxes generated. Not able to use TIF yet are able to use lease income to help with the budget. If the parking garage was at full capacity it would generate gross revenue of $327,000. After expenses of maintenance and operations of $148,000 the net difference would be around $178,000-$179,000. When we move forward we can consider the access and revenue control. It shows from the Carl Walker study that more people are willing to spend more on a parking space that is below the top level. We are also looking into putting some security cameras and motorcycle spaces in the garage. TIF funds go towards bond payments. The motion to approve was seconded by Mr. Souse and approved unanimously.
Information Items
   8) Director's report – The total TIF that Redevelopment commission has available is 25 million dollars of 590. The commission turns back 10 million of that to all of the other taxing units so that commission is not using all of it. WE have about 90 million dollars invested into the downtown area excluding the residential piece within the next 3 years to move ahead with. Sharon stated that some problems that she is seeing are people parking in the wrong spaces, people parking in 3 hour spaces all day long, and litter from kids hanging out in the parking garage. She says that the security cameras might help in controlling the problems. Currently the police are driving through them.

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