Call to Order
   1) Roll Call-George Van Horn, Rich Stenner, Matt Souza, Tom Vujovich, and Steve Champion
        Absent- Jim Lienhoop
        Staff- Ed Curtin
Action Items
   2) Approve minutes-Motion for approval. Seconded by Mr. Stenner. Minutes approved.
        a. 9-2-08
        b. 9-8-08
        c. 10-16-08
   3) Award Bid for 2nd Street Garage – After review by Steve Risting, of CSO, and Terry Coriden the recommendation is to accept Hagerman’s bid providing they provide the negotiated PLA. There are two alternates that we would want to accept. Those are alternate number 2 for $218,000 and alternate number 7 which would make a total debt amount of $6,356,000. Motion made by Mr. Stenner. Seconded by Mr. Souza. Motion approved. Awarded bid to Hagerman Construction.
   4) Grant request to Heritage Fund – We would like to request a grant from Heritage Fund to provide funds for Buxton and administrative support. Buxton will help identify those businesses that should be in the community. This information would be used for the community at large. The administrative support would help Ed Curtin with the stuff that the commission has going on. The amount would be $82,000 for Buxton and $35,000 for administrative support. The motion to approve the request in the amount of $117,000 to Heritage Fund was made by Mr. Stenner. Seconded by Mr. Van Horn. Motion approved.
   5) Letter to ISMF – This will ratify the letter that Terry Coriden sent to ISMF on the Commission’s behalf to indicate that the Redevelopment Commission would provide indemnification and how it would do so. It is contingent on three different things. They are receiving funding from federal government, from the state, and the redevelopment having funds for that use. Motion is to approve the letter of indemnification of ISMF. Motion made by Mr. Souza by subject to change. Seconded by Mr. Van Horn. Motion was approved.
   6) Riverfront District - Consistent with the goal of establishing an entertainment district in the downtown area. A Riverfront district will need to be established to facilitate the creation of new venues for entertainment. Please see the attached proposed area and information provided by Jeff Beck and Jeff Rocker. We will not adopt the ordinance. It will be adopted by the city council. This will help attract restaurants into the downtown area. The max. is 1500 ft or 3 blocks from flood plains to be able to build a riverfront district. Motion by Mr. Stenner is to get this placed on the city council agenda for approval. Seconded by Mr. Souza. Motion is approved.
   7) Approve claims - The billings are what we expected and the work was done as we anticipated. Motioned by Mr. Souza. Seconded by Mr. Stenner. Claims approved.
       a. Art’s Cleaners
       b. Barnes & Thornburg
       c. Christopher Burke
       d. Columbus Chamber of Commerce
       e. Columbus City Utilities
        f. CSO
       g. DCI
       h. Duke energy
        i. Elwood Staffing
        j. Kimberly Graff
       k. Kinney Paper
        l. Kirby Risk
     m. Koetter Kim
      n. O”Mara
      o. Quicksigns
      p. Renfro Management
      q. Safeguard Business Systems
       r. Synthesis
      s. Winston Terrell
Discussion Items
   8) Downtown update - Developers for the indoor sports complex are coming into town this week to move forward. Continue to talk to developers on the apartment complex. The first parking garage is 100% leased out. The economy is not having an effect on the development downtown according to Ed. We will be moving forward with the Commons one way or another even with the Mayor cutting funds for the Commons. Sharon suggests that we put cameras or some type of security devices. More people are parking in the free parking spaces since they are not controlled. The garage has made a good impact on the parking dilemma of downtown but not the total solution. The fisad will be done in December. Jackson Street will be put in next spring.
Information Items
   9) Director's report

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