Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Matt Souza, Jim Lienhoop, George Van Horn, Rich Stenner, Dr. Steve Champion
       Staff—Ed Curtin
       Guests—Kristi Belcher, Sharon Renfro, Claudette, Mayor Fred Armstrong, Corey Carr, Bruce Donaldson, Courtney Shaafsma, Terry Coriden, Bill Horton, Joel Markland, Paul Minnis, Max Lemley, Dave Hayward, Anne Dean
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—Motion for approval was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Minutes were approved.
        a. October 5, 2009
   3) Riverfront license application—David and Brenda Simmons are the owners of Simmons Winery. They have an idea for a brewery called the Brix Haus Brewery and Restaurant to be developed in the downtown area. It would be located on the corner of 3rd and Jackson Street within the Cole structure. It will be a restaurant, brewery, with an outlet for wine. This will bring something unique to the downtown area by having beer brewed on site with the equipment showing to dining customers. The seating capacity is 140 with some outside seating. The expected opening time is in the fall of 2010 with construction starting in the spring 2010. The restaurant is looking into having some type of entertainment weekends. The subcommittee has a favorable recommendation for approval. There have been four licenses to date with this application being the fifth. This makes it the last license. After this the commission will need to decide on whether to move forward in the process of increasing the number of licenses allowed within the district. The recommendation is a positive recommendation to the Mayor. The motion was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved.
   4) Environmental Consultant selection—The creosote site for the Indoor Sports Complex will need some additional environmental investigation to determine what the limits are of impact and remediation. There were three bids for this project: BCA Construction from Indianapolis, August Mack from Indianapolis, and Haley Aldrich from Ohio. BCA Construction bid $47,887, August Mack bid $67,862, and Haley Aldrich bid $196,000. Haley Aldrich’s bid includes a larger amount of travel expenses and services above and beyond what may be necessary. These bids do not include the remediation costs. It will need to be bided out. The investigation would begin within the next week or two based on Terry Coriden’s review of the bids. We would like to see the Sports Complex project completed by next fall. It was recommended that the commission approve BCA Construction’s bid. Motion was made by Matt Souza to approve BCA Construction’s bid for environmental investigation subject to review by Terry Coriden and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approved.
   5) Redevelopment of Senior Center, Engineering Bldg., and REMC—There are three properties that are in varies states of ownership by the City. Would want to look at the properties for redevelopment to get the most use out of it. Need to start moving forward in the process. Request for authorization to start the process of moving these properties move forward. Taken by consensus.
   6) Over Excavation – 2nd Street Parking Garage—While working on construction, Hagerman ran into soils that were unfavorable to construct a parking garage directly on the soil. In order to make it work they had to do some over excavation and put in lean concrete. They had made an initial request which we rejected. We had Bill Horton, the structural engineer for the 2nd Street Garage take a look at the request. The first request was rejected because the commission thought Hagerman should have anticipated some excavation based on the documents. They objected saying that the soil was so variable that there was no way to anticipate it. There was drawing that showed that they would have to excavate some to get to good soil. We reviewed soil borings and documents and it came up with a readable amount that anyone should have assumed that soil to be taken out. We thought that $44,000 should be a reasonable amount. The original request was for $210,000 for any over excavation. Terry would like it to be inclusive that Hagerman has accepted our finding in determination that $160,000 is there responsibility and would like a letter sent to Hagerman to that affect and that this payment puts to rest any issues. Motion is to authorize the payment of the $44,000 to Hagerman for the outstanding issue of over excavation was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved.
   7) Annual Report—The annual report was presented in draft form. The commission members will have until December 17th to make comments. The final draft will be presented to City Council on December 18th. No action needed to be taken.
   8) Claims—Four dockets of claims were presented and a motion for approval was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Claims were approved.
Discussion Items
   9) TIF Analysis—Based on Courtney Schaafsma’s initial investigation of TIF funds there were some concerns that were established. The Commission had asked Courtney to research the impacts were. She did a parcel by parcel investigation of all pieces within the TIF areas. Investigated around 700 parcels from the base year of establishment, which is 2005, to pay year 2009. We did identify various issues that impacted the amount of TIF revenue the Commission has collected over the last several years. Crowe has been working with the County Auditor to have them review our analysis and based off of their review we have come to an agreement as to the issues that have existed and have been working to get those issues resolved for pay 2010 and forward. Crowe has been working with the auditor to prepare the TIF neutralization worksheets for pay 2010. During that process we have verified that all the accessed evaluation issues have been addressed and have been corrected in the system. For pay period 2010 and forward the commission is back to where it should have been the entire time in terms of tracking the parcels through the process. Crowe will be working with the auditor from this point forward on an annual bases to help with the TIF related issues. The commission has enough revenue to pay its obligations. The Auditor’s Office has agreed on the issues.
   10) Walesboro Master Plan—Corey Carr and Kent Anderson has created an RFP for proposals to get help in master planning the Walesboro property for industrial use. It is in the Central TIF area. Corey Carr is talking to businesses who are interested in coming to Columbus. It is similar to that of Woodside NW project. Once we have negotiated with 1-4 companies we will have a better idea of what the cost will be. This site would be perfect for larger businesses that would create large amount of jobs.
   11) Irwin Home and Gardens—To make aware of the movement of the property. The future of this property is not within the family.
Information Items
   12) Staff Report—Ed presented that he is in contact with a lady to wants to start her own business in the downtown area and is helping her with any questions she may have. Most of Jackson Street is within the completing stages. They are currently working on the curbs and sidewalks on 3rd and Jackson. Trying to get the pavement done by the end of the week. For the most part the sidewalks are open at this point. Within the next week, the steel for the Commons will be going up. Keep working with the developers on the Indoor Sports Complex and the Cole projects. Sharon Renfro presented that all the cameras are installed in the Jackson Street Garage and should be working within the next couple weeks. Alarms have been installed in all the fire extinguisher boxes. She suggested to the commission that we not have any snow removal for both garages unless there in a major event. The cars being leased on the top level will be allowed to move underneath while the roof area is closed off. There are 16 leased spots on the roof area. This will help save money for snow removal.
Board Comments

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