Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Matt Souza, George Van Horn, Jim Lienhoop, Steve Champion
        Absent—Rich Stenner
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guest—Paul Minnis, Corey Carr, Tom Wetherald, Max Bumbalough, Bruce Donaldson, Courtney Schaafsma, Barb Hackman, Jon Myer, Max Lemley
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes
        a. June1, 2009—Motion made by George Van Horn, seconded by Matt Souza, approved unanimously.
   3) Tax Abatement Request – Jim Clouse was absent due to emergency. Ed Curtin took over for him.
        a. Columbus Hospitality LLC—The property is currently known as Knights Inn. They want to take the structure down and build a new high-rise structure with a new restaurant. They currently have 6 jobs retained while creating 17 new jobs. The project is $7.2 million investment in real and personal property. Motion made by Jim Lienhoop, seconded by Tom Vujovich, approved by a 3-1 vote.
   4) Riverfront District Application Request
        a. The Garage Pub & Grill—The sub committee recommends an approval that will be forwarded onto the Mayor with a favorable recommendation. Motion for a favorable recommendation was made by George Van Horn, seconded by Jim Lienhoop, approved unanimously.
   5) Public Hearing – New TIF Allocation Area—This is for the 2nd St. Garage housing project to become its own allocation area. Barb Hackman was wondering why there is a need to add a TIF area when there was already one established for that area. It is to isolate the tax incremental property tax coming from that block to be able to have a business deal. We didn’t want to mix up two different TIF areas for that block. The tax rates may be higher. The base rate will be reset for the new TIF area but the other TIF areas will stay the same.
   6) Declaratory Resolution – New TIF Allocation Area—Motion to approve the resolution was made by Matt Souza, seconded by Jim Lienhoop, approved unanimously.
   7) Determination of Use of TIF funds for 2010 budget year—Crowe has been reviewing the current TIF information and making projections. If the commission captures all of the incremental assess evaluation it is allowed to capture we would estimate your TIF revenue to be approx. $833 thousand next year. It is Crowe’s recommendation that we wait to move forward until further review of TIF areas. Motion to release zero back pending on further review by Crowe was made by Jim Lienhoop, seconded by Matt Souza, approved unanimously.
   8) Claims—Motion to approve the claims was made by Matt Souza, seconded by Jim Lienhoop, approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   9) Riverfront District--The process to coordinate events in the Riverfront District is to have any request go through Board of Works. The information has to be provided by the Friday before they meet. The business has to get a signed affidavit from each adjoining property owner.
Information Items
   10) Staff Report—We have accepted bids for the Commons. Have received 11 bids. They are now being reviewed from a legal standpoint. Board of Works is taking this under advisement.
Board Comments

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