Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, Jim Lienhoop
        Absent—George VanHorn, Matt Souza, Steve Champion
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guest—Terry Coriden, Kristi Belcher, Paul Minnis, Jim Turner, Jim Clouse, Mayor Fred Armstrong, Sharon Renfro
Action Items
   2) Receive Bids –We have one bid from REMC. Recommend we take it under advisement and have Terry Coriden review it. Take action on it on April 8th. Motion made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion is under advisement.
   3) Tax Abatement Request REMC—We have a tax abatement request that will go before the council at their next meeting on April 7th. This is for the land that is currently located at the Walsboro Airport. It is at the SE corner of 175W and Deaver Road. It is about a 10.9 acre plot. It has been zoned I3 which is heavy industrial and the plan is depending on the tax abatement REMC would like to relocate their headquarters down there. The zoning would stay the same. Recognizing there are no consequences we recommendation to city council for their consideration and approval. Recommend by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Passed.
   4) Claims—We have 5 dockets of claims. There is one addition that is not on the agenda. That is for Hagerman for $656,997.84. It has been reviewed and approved by the architect. Motion to approve the claims as presented made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved.
Discussion Items
   5) Meeting-- Next meeting is on April 8th at 1:15pm expecting to have an executive session before it. Given a packet that we can show perspective businesses owners looking locating in Columbus or Bartholomew County. We have not provided it to council. We have a public meeting on Friday at 2pm in the Council Chamber and also on Friday April 8th at 5:30pm.
Information Items
   6) None at this time
Board Comments

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