Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Steve Champion
       Absent—Jim Lienhoop and Matt Souza
       Staff—Ed Curtin
       Guests—Kristi Belcher, Ann Devore, Paul Minnis, Mike Lovelace, Max Lemley, Ben Wagner, Alan Goltra, Dave Hayward, Terry Coriden, Lou Marr, Kristen Brown.
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—Motion to approve the minutes was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by George Van Horn. Minutes were approved unanimously.
        a. March 1, 2010
   3) Contract for Master Plan of Walesboro—This contract is to do a master plan for Walesboro. About 2/3rd of it would be funded by MPO and Board of Works. They are asking that we pay the remaining 1/3rd which would be about fifty thousand dollars. The time frame is of 6-8 months. Motion to approve master plan of Walesboro was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Dr. George Van Horn. Motion was approved unanimously.
   4) Resolution for IDEM Loan—This resolution is to ask the state for a loan for the remediation for the former Wood Preserving Plant. It is in conjunction with the grant we have received from the federal level. The intent is to ask the state for a loan for a half million dollar with terms of 20 years at a 3% interest rate. There is approx. $316,000 from the government for this. Motion was made by Dr. George Van Horn for adoption of the resolution and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
   5) Fee based parking in garages—Staff had a public meeting about a month ago about fee base parking. Research included pricing of other garages in surrounding city locations. Recommendation was to have first 3 hours free with $1 per hour with a max. $8 per day. There were a few individuals who voiced concern on the issue. A motion to table the issue was made by Dr. George Van Horn and seconded by Rich Stenner until next month’s Commission meeting in order to gather information on the building expenses. Motion was unanimous.
   6) Blackwell Soccer Complex—Ben Wagner presented. This item was moved to a discussion item. This is to see if the Redevelopment Commission can help play a role in the development. It is to make upgrades and add on to the facility and fields. Could bring in tourist for 2-3 day tournaments. Currently putting business plan together. The recommendation is to take it under advisement until the business plan is presented.
   7) Property —Commission had prepared an Offering Sheet for the sale of the Airport Property and published notice calling for bids for the purchase of such property to be submitted on April 5, 2010 (the “Bid Date”); Terry Coriden reported to the Commission that the Commission received no bids for the purchase of the Airport Property on the Bid Date.
   8) Claims—There were 2 dockets of claims. The motion to approve the claims was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   9) None at this time
Information Items

   10) Staff Report—Continuing the Commons. The 2nd level deck has been poured. Continuing to work on the housing and sports complexes. Will have more updates next commission meeting. The Cole project is looking at financing options.
Board Comments

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