Call to Order
   1) Roll Call—Matt Souza and Al Degner
        Absent—Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Jim Lienhoop, and John Anderson
        Guests—Ed Curtin, Kristi Putnam, Ann DeVore, Glen Petri, Jack Hess, Frank Miller, Dave Hayward, Kent Anderson, Max Lemley, Joel Markland, and Bruce Carter.
Action Items
There was no quorum and so no action was taken during the meeting. Action will be taken at the next commission meeting.
   2) Approval of Minutes
        a. June 6, 2011
        b. June 30, 2011
   3) Additional Services – BCA - Remediation Project
   4) Claims
Discussion Items
   5) Report from John Burnett on IU CAD—Jack Hess presented, This is a b—monthly report that was part of the agreement. The project is on time and on budget. They will be creating an advisory board that will consist of both IU and Columbus representatives. There have been faculty members who have been hired. The faculty members who are not traveling faculty will be locating to Columbus. There will be 2 more positions that will be for hire. Glen Petri asked the commission when Jackson Street will be open. Due to the construction projects the opening of the street will be after the completion of the Cummins office building.
Information Items
   6) Staff Report—We are finalizing the punch list for the Commons. The Cummins office building is to start sometime this fall. The Cole received the commitment letter from HUD and will start construction in the next month or so. Blackwell Soccer Complex will start this week. 4th Street Construction is putting construction documents together and is planning on put it out for bid this fall. There has been another business requesting a riverfront liquor license at 11th and Washington.
Board Comments

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