The Redevelopment Commission met in an executive meeting Monday, September 12, 2011 at 12:00 p.m., at 123 Washington St. in the Legal Library, chaired by Rich Stenner. Other commission members present were: Jim Lienhoop, Matt Souza, Al Degner, George Van Horn, and John Anderson. Also present was Ed Curtin, Director.
Matters discussed during the executive meeting were those matters previously advertised in the public notice. The board hereby certifies that no decisions were made and that only matters as advertised were discussed.

Call to Order
   1) Roll Call—Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Matt Souza, Jim Lienhoop, Al Degner, John Anderson
       Guests—Ed Curtin, Kristi Putnam, Luann Welmer, Mayor Armstrong, Ann DeVore, Sharon Renfro, Glen Petri, Max Lemley, Paul Minnis, Frank Miller, Daniel Orr, Jeff Rocker, John Burnett, Joel Markland, Bruce Donaldson, Kelly Wilson, Tim Cook
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—The motion to approve the minutes as submitted was made by Matt Souza and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approved unanimously.
       a. August 1, 2011
   3) Farm Restaurant II, LLC Riverfront application—This is for the FarmBrew restaurant in the former Senior Center facility. The whimsical restaurant is family friendly with the upstairs for family dining and the downstairs a brewery for those 21 and older. They will take on a green initiative with an edible landscaping. They will have outdoor dining that will focus on the river. The restaurant will have 45 to 50 part time/full time employees. It will open October 2012 after a $1.5 to $2 million dollar renovation that will put a modern touch on the historical building. The motion to forward a favorable recommendation to the Mayor was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approve unanimously. 
   4) Mainstreet Development—This was a presentation to the Commission by Tim Cook on Mainstreet Development Company. Mainstreet is a company that develops elderly living facilities that do not have the hospital feel. It is a facility that allows that residents to spend most of the time away from their room. The facilities have a common area that offers services to the residents such as coffee shop and hair salon. They currently have facilities in Noblesville and Marion. If they built here in Columbus it would be an estimated 150 jobs with an estimated 325-375 construction jobs.
   5) Remediation – 2nd and Lafayette—Bruce Carter presented. In the contract that was approved at the August meeting, Bruce Carter and Associated found the area that needs to be remediated can be treated on site but with additional funding. There have been extensive talks with IDEM and the BZA has approved. Brownfield will have to approve the work plan. Once remediated it will prevent and leeching into groundwater and won’t migrate. The site will be limited to commercial use only by a restricted covenant. The parking lot will help with the sealing of contamination. It is possible for the elevation to rise a few feet due to remediation. This project has not gone out to bid. The commission asked Ed Curtin to look into funding options for the rest of the remediation. Glen Petri, from the public, asked for clarification on the subject. Bruce Carter made clarifications.
   6) Contract revision—This was tabled until the October commission meeting in order for all the commission member to review the revisions. 
   7) Claims—Motion to approve the amended claims was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approve unanimously.
Discussion Items
   8) Economic impact of redevelopment efforts—Ed Curtin presented this to the Commission. It gave an overview of the economical impacts that have happened over the years due to redevelopment efforts.
   9) Build out of Commons Retail—The construction of the two restaurants are moving along well. Both restaurants will be open on October 15, 2011. The total cost of this project was $633,000. Cummins and Heritage Fund each provided a grant of $500,000 with the remaining $133,000 coming from TIF proceeds.
   10) Build out of IU CAD—The center is now open and has about 30 students. There is a new director named Kelly Wilson and have 20 faculty rotating from Bloomington. They hope to expand to a permanent student resident facility here in Columbus. They hope to also build and international program with 6 cities around the world.
   11) Expansion / creation of TIF areas—Bruce Donaldson gave an overview of the process of creating or expanding TIF areas and how they help in funding development projects.
Information Items
   12) Staff Report—Blackwell is complete with a possible need to reseed in some spots. 4th Street is finalizing the design and could start in the spring of 2012. Had a meeting on parking in the downtown area.
Board Comments

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