Animal Care Services shall be operated in such a manner as to insure the safety, welfare, and humane treatment of all animals and persons the department or its staff come in contact with.



Complete a home energy assessment and Energizing Indiana will donate $25 to Animal Care Services. 
Click here for more informaton and to schedule your assessment.


  • 24 Hour Service.
  • Pick-up of stray, injured or dead animals within the city limits.
  • Investigation of complaints regarding unrestrained animals, nuisance problems and neglected or abused animals within the city limits.
  • Housing of strays and unwanted pets from the city.
  • Animals available for adoption as pets into good permanent homes.
  • Return of healthy wildlife to their natural environment.
  • Quarantining of bite cases for observation as required by law.
  • Humane education and pet care programs for youth, school, and adult groups. A variety of pamphlets, films and other materials are available. Tours of the shelter facility can also be arranged.
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