Advance - A Strategic Plan for Columbus

Download "Advance - A Strategic Plan for Columbus" (PDF)

Mayor Kristen Brown and her administration are developing the City of Columbus’ first strategic plan.  The development of this plan comes on the heels of the mayor’s introduction of “Advance Columbus” at her state of the city address in May of 2013.

Advance Columbus is a community-wide strategic plan that forms our shared vision and our shared values.  It provides a roadmap to advance Columbus toward the future we envision in ways that are consistent with our values bydefining our priorities and our goals. The goals are bold because when the stakes are high, Columbus rises to the occasion.

We have tremendous public and private organizations dedicated to serving our community that are adopting the Advance Columbus shared goals and doing their part to achieve them.  The City of Columbus’s strategic plan outline’s the City government’s role in advancing Columbus toward our vision by achieving those shared goals.

Mayor Kristen Brown and the City’s department heads have developed tangible objectives for this year, outlining measures of success and critical milestone to ensure progress toward our goals.  This becomes the starting point for setting measurable and definitive objectives for next year and for 2015.

The plan is a living, ever-evolving document serving as the basis for broad-based community dialogues.  Those dialogues will guide the plan’s evolution and ensure that it continually represents a partnership with the people of Columbus for the people of Columbus.

Download "Advance - A Strateigic Plan for Columbus" (PDF)

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