Fire Stations to be Equipped with Power Generators to Ensure Operations

Power generators will be installed at four City of Columbus fire stations this fall to ensure all the stations can remain operational and responsive during power outages. The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the $169,761 project at its meeting Tuesday, November 12, to purchase and install the generators.

To date, only two of the City’s six fire stations, 1 and 6, are equipped with power generators. Diesel generators, made by Cummins Inc., will be installed at Fire Stations 2, 3, 4 and 5. Biehl Electric of Seymour will install the generators at the stations.

“We are continuing to make quality investments in public safety to ensure we are well prepared for disaster response,” said Mayor Kristen Brown, a member of the Board of Works. “Our emergency responders must have continuity of operations in the event of an emergency. It is imperative that all essential emergency equipment is up and running so that they can respond without any interruptions.”

The generators will power the stations’ lights, emergency dispatch system, equipment bay doors, and handheld dispatch radios. Firefighters will continue to receive emergency dispatches and quickly respond with equipment, even when the fire stations are without electricity.

“These generators will help modernize our fire stations so that we can continue to effectively serve the public and respond to emergencies, even if the power goes out,” Columbus Fire Chief Dave Allmon said.

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